Welcome to my Ham Radio page!  I enjoy Rag Chewing, and a bit of DX-ing using PSK, RTTY, MFSK, Olivia, and other digital modes as well as CW using a Side Swiper (Cootie Key), a straight key, and a laptop computer for keyboard CW. I joined the FISTS CW Club in February 2000 (FISTS #7064). I am also a member of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC #5186) and the Americal Amateur Radio League.  I mostly operate in the early mornings from 80 through 15 meters, depending on which bands are open.

I got my first ticket in the spring of 1970, and my first callsign was WNěBEK.  In the Autumn of that year I passed both my General and Advanced tests and became WBěBEK.  I got the callsign KDěCA in February 1983, and then passed my Extra Class test in the summer of 1985.  I retired from the Environmental Protection Divison of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in April 2003, and found that I can now spend more time on Amateur Radio.

I am a member of The Gideons International, which you may recognize as the people who place Bibles in hotel and motel rooms, who distribute Testaments to high school & college students on campus, and also to the military and to those in jails and prisons.  Find out more about the Gideons at:

As an avocation, I played bass guitar & piano in church for 34 years, but now I play keyboard and sing gospel songs and hymns in nursing homes and at "jam sessions" in retirement resorts in Texas.  My wife, Shirley, and I have become "Winter Texans" spending several months in Combes, TX (near Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley) each winter.  I also enjoy writing and arranging both southern gospel and praise & worship music.  You are cordially invited to visit my musical and Amateur Radio web page at: .

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